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The castle

Exclusive event location with courteous service. De Wittenburg Castle is more than a location. We are a full partner for every event. We bring people from home and abroad, different cultures and backgrounds together to make contacts and inspire each other.


Strand Wassenaarseslag – Wassenaarseslag, Wassenaar
7,6 km – 14 min. Car
9 km – 33 min. Bike
A small and quiet beach where you can relax. You can also eat and drink here at one of the 4 beach bars.

Strand Scheveningen – Boulevard, Scheveningen
9,5 km – 18 min. Car
7 km – 26 min. Bike
a large and bustling beach full of sights. There is a wide range of beach bars and restaurants and you can take a lovely walk on the pier.


Museum Voorlinden – Buurtweg 90, Wassenaar 
2,4 km. 8 min. Car
2,4 km. 8 min. Bike
A beautiful museum with contemporary and modern art. You can not only enjoy the beautiful works of art here, but also the beautiful garden of the museum.

Louwman museum – Leidsestraatweg 57, Den Haag 
4,1 km. 7 min. Car
2,4 km. 9 min. Bike
One of the world’s largest and most famous collections of automobiles can be admired in this museum.

Walking and cycling

Landgoed de Horsten – Papeweg 36, Wassenaar 
5,2 km. 9 min. Car
4,1 km. 14 min. Bike
A beautiful estate where you can enjoy a lovely walk through nature, you can also enjoy the beautiful buildings such as the old castle.

Duingebied Meijendel – Meijendelse weg 40, Wassenaar
4,6 km. 12 min.
4,6 km. 14 min.
A large extensive dune area between Wassenaar and The Hague. Here you can enjoy a lovely walk and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer in the dunes.

Landgoederen route Wassenaar – 32 km
Een 32 kilometer lange fietstocht door en langs Wassenaar. -> landgoederenroute


Winkelcentrum Leidsenhage – Liguster 202, Leidsenhage
5,1 km. 11 min. Car
4,2 km. 16 min. Bike
The Mall of the Netherlands is located in Leidsenhage. The largest shopping center in the Netherlands. Leidsenhage is rich in shops and there is a large food court with a wide range of restaurants.

Hart van Voorschoten – Schoolstraat, Voorschoten
7,9 km. 12 min. Car
8 km. 25 min. Bike
Voorschoten has a small but nice center with nice shops and restaurants.

Centrumgebied Wassenaar – Langstraat, Wassenaar
5,8 km. 12 min. Car
5,0 km. 17 min. Bike
Wassenaar also has a nice center where you can shop at the many nice shops or relax at the restaurants.

Centrum Den-haag – Centrum, Den-Haag
8,7 km. 20 min. Car
6,4 km. 22 min. Bike
The Hague has a large and busy center. A large amount of shops and is therefore perfect for a day of shopping. Restaurants and bars are plentiful so you can relax during or after shopping.

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The history

The history of Kasteel de Wittenburg begins in the spring of 1899, when esquire Helenus Marinus Speelman buys the piece of land and builds a country house there….

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At the end of 1963, Kasteel de Wittenburg opened its doors to guests. The monumental historic building has hardly changed over the years. The old, calm atmosphere of the past has been brought together with modern times.,….

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